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Congratulations to all who entered our Race 88 at 8 event last Sunday, the 3rd of November. Results were as follows:

PlaceNameTime (HH:MM:SS)
1Jack Campbell00:22:04
2Finnian Cattaway00:23:21
3Jordan Sheed00:24:34
4Baydon Harris00:25:15
5Danny Moore00:26:06
6Zentaro Hindes00:26:20
7Ben Caton00:27:51
8Greg MacLeod00:28:05
9Adele Baehr00:28:20
10Nick Green00:28:43
11Michael Todd00:30:43
12Abby Grimaldi00:31:03
13Emma Green00:32:05
14Anna Clearwater00:32:07
15Masaki Hindes00:32:25
16Jo Little00:32:55
17Barbara Bridger00:33:25
18Liberty Copson00:33:38
19Natalie Copson00:33:38
20Aydean Noradzmudin00:33:59
21John Campbell00:34:23
22Sharyn Bungard00:34:48
23Cecile Torr00:35:20
24Haizal Hussaini00:36:12
25Aria Ford-Squires00:36:54
26Aki Copson00:37:14
27Danette Little00:37:15
28Lynne Kerr00:38:36
29Shevaun Chettleburgh00:38:51
30Nazatulaziah Zainal00:39:43
31Martin Jones00:40:03
32Tania Hollis00:40:48
33Kirsten Donald00:45:37
34Donna Clearwater00:45:37
35Ari Lindquist00:46:48
36Jahman "Tradie" Cochrane00:46:49
37Nick Green00:47:35
38Carolyn Gillian00:47:35
39Nicholas Clearwater00:48:59
40Tamara Freeland00:53:44
41Abby Green00:53:44
42Aleeya Noradzmudin00:54:20
43Emiko Cowell00:55:00
44Adrian Hindes00:55:01
45Linda van der Kroef00:57:13
46Deborah Clearwater00:58:40

The next event is on the 1st of December and registrations are open now. Click here to register!

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